Why do Japanese wash their face for 10 minutes?

Why do Japanese people wash their face for 10 minutes?
Why do Japanese wash their face for 10 minutes? It takes time to get healthy, clean skin, and the Japanese created their own ritual on how to look flawless and get rid of skin problems. It takes 10 minutes and there are 3 main steps that can make your face glow.

“10 minutes + 3 main steps = face glow”

The steps are as follows.

Most Asians have a 4-2-4 method of cleansing the face. The 4-2-4 system is a special system divided into stages over time. Start your face with oil for 4 minutes. You can only use the cleanser for 2 minutes after that. The final step is to wash for 4 minutes.

Experts say that if you use this cleansing method, you will not need to wash your face in the morning or at night. Plus, you don’t have to do it every day. Doing 4 times a week is enough.

1.First 4 minutes: Oil Phase

By rubbing the skin for 4 minutes, the oil phase seeks to increase circulation. It softens the top layer of the skin and helps to loosen frozen pores. It is very important to choose the right type of oil that can be applied to your face.

Jojoba oil, for example, is easily absorbed by your skin. It is better to use castor oil, it helps to pull out the stagnant toxins. If you have any trauma or medication damage, be careful not to massage your skin.

2. Second 2 minutes: Cream Cleansing Phase

After massaging your face, apply a cleanser to remove the oil. Experts say that they prefer cream cleansers instead of foams or gels because they do not dry out the skin. Cleanse your face for 2 minutes with gentle movements so as not to damage your face.

3. Third 4 minutes: Wash it off

Start by rinsing your face with warm water for 2 minutes, then wash your face with cold water for another 2 minutes. Hot water helps to wash away excess oil from your skin and increases blood flow to the surface. The cold water helps to tighten pores. This technique helps to hydrate the skin so that your face glows after the procedure.


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