Let’s learn exactly about yoga that heals body, mind, and spirit

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Let’s learn exactly about yoga that heals body, mind, and spirit

Practicing the philosophy of yoga gives man not only physical healing but also spiritual and human healing. Although many exercises involve only physical development, the main reason for the worldwide popularity of this yoga system, which is descended from Indian civilization, is that it is a philosophy that promotes the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of human beings. Therefore, if we take the physical profile of anyone, all the physical ailments including physical ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, mental illness, mental illness, stress, insomnia and depression can all be cured. The joy, happiness and prosperity of our life that we hope for can also be obtained through yoga.

“the most popular yoga method in the world is the Hatha Yoga method”

Although there are many yoga methods around the world, the most popular yoga method in the world is the Hatha Yoga method. The main objective of the Hatha Yoga method is to develop the three aspects of the individual.

That is, according to the World Health Organization, the main purpose of yoga is to achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Thus, when it comes to the physical aspects of a person’s yoga practice, the physical aspects of the endocrine gland (hormone-balancing gland) system improve the hormonal activation of future physical and mental illnesses that may or may not be present. Is to protect that person.


In addition, many people complain that when we do not do what we say we will do, we become physically or mentally ill. ‘Then you can develop your spiritual side by studying yoga and also achieve your physical development. The process by which we do this is called meditation.

This meditation is especially important in yoga as it talks about the 7 energy centers located in our body. They are called cycles. The source is the energy center that runs along the spine of the human body. These sources, the energy centers, allow for the physical improvement of our lives, and the weakening of the sources, the cycle, causes us to fail to do what we say we will do, and we fall prey to various diseases.

If you can somehow get up early in the morning and balance these 7 chakras or all the 7 active parts of the endocrine gland (hormone-balancing gland system) then you have the power to succeed in what you say and get the power of wealth and fortune in Hatha Yoga.

This chakra meditation is a very simple treatment that you need to practice .We like to show you how to do this chakra meditation in order.

To do this, you wake up between 4:12 and 5:12 in the morning. Wake up and drink 2 to 3 glasses of fresh clean water. Then you sit on the floor in a meditative position with your hands on either side of your knees and your thumbs and toes pointing apart. Straighten the spine. Straighten the spine and close the eyes. Close your eyes and relax your facial muscles. Now you close your eyes and smile with a happy face as you focus your mind on the breath entering and exiting through your nostrils and breathe in slowly as your abdomen swells. Slowly exhale as the abdomen relaxes. Now you are in a suitable position to do Chakra meditation.

Pottery and Ceramics Red color

Then you focus your mind down on the spine. Inhale through the nostrils. Then imagine that the breath coming down the spine and exiting the spinal cord. The source of energy at the base of the spinal cord is the source chakra. It is called the source and its color is red.

When this cycle is weakened, the person suffers from knee damage and loss of health. When you focus your mind on this chakra and meditate, your luck will increase and the gravitational pull will increase. You can understand this for yourself when you try this for about 3 months. Now as you sit and close your eyes and breathe in and out through your nostrils, imagine that there is a bright red light at the base of your spine. Several times the mind has that red light. When you see this several times, you can imagine that red light when it takes some time. Then you have to pick the seed spell that activates this cycle of yours.

Seed spell

The name of this seed spell is ‘Lam’. When you breathe in, you should see a bright red light and exhale as you exhale through your nostrils. This is seven or twenty-one breaths every day. M⁇. The said seed mantra should be released. When you do, you will often see a red light. Zoom in on this light as much as possible. When you do this every morning for two or three months, you will feel a coolness along your spine. At the same time you can see that red bright light continuously and after 2 to 3 months you can experience great success in the work you do in your business. That’s a sign that your resource cycle is working well.

So by doing this chakra meditation daily you can experience the following results. That is, if the path to your wealth is blocked, you will have the power to attract the influx of wealth. And you get the energy to talk and win people over. The more you talk, the more people are attracted to you. There is also a healthy healing. That way you can experience all the power planes that this chakra has. Therefore, you can experience special results by focusing on the source cycle, which is the initial stage of this chakra meditation, and doing this meditation for about two to three months as it grows.


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